Where is this incredible place: Mokry sky railway bridge in Chuvashia


This monumental concrete viaduct is located near the village of Mokry in the east of the Chuvash Republic. The bridge connected the Kazan-Moscow railway and was used until the mid-1980s. Now the paths on the viaduct have been dismantled. The bridge, about 30 meters high, has become a place of attraction for rope jumping lovers, about which several TV channels, including Channel One, filmed. Under it is a consecrated spring, a chapel, and a font.

During the Second World War, ammunition was transported along the Mokrinsky Bridge. It was a strategic target for the USSR and a target for German aviation. According to legend, the viaduct could not be found and bombed, because they were looking for it in large cities. In addition, German prisoners of war repaired the bridge during the war. The viaduct was used until 1986, when a new bridge was built to straighten the railway a kilometer north of it.

The Mokrinsky bridge is depicted on the coat of arms of the Chagas rural settlement: a golden viaduct on a red background. The coat of arms, adopted in 2014, was created by the heraldist artist Vadim Shipunov. In 2015, the residents of Mokra asked to take the bridge under state protection as an architectural and historical monument of the early XX century.

How to get to Mokrinsky Bridge by car, bus or train

The coordinates of the bridge are 55.49235234521165, 47.333837974173036 . The closest large city to it is Kanash, the center of the eponymous region of Chuvashia. Direct access to the bridge is possible via an asphalt road. You need to go along the highway “Kanash – Ibresi” and turn to the north near the village of Chagasi.


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